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What Is A Contingency Fee And How Does It Work?

A contingency fee is an arrangement in which the attorney gets a percentage of the recovery as his fee. The amount of the fee percentage depends on the risk of winning the case. In general, contingent fees range from 33.33% to 40%. The attorney is only paid if the recovery is successful. The attorney also typically pays all litigation expenses in a contingent fee arrangement. The fee is generally calculated on the gross recovery and then the out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed to the attorney. The rest is customer participation. Since the client controls the decision to reach an agreement, the lawyer is encouraged not to burden the case with unnecessary expenses. There are many hybrids of this arrangement, but these are the most common.

Comparing Large Law Firms With Small Law Firms

Many people in need of legal services have little to choose the right attorney for their needs. Large companies have the power of numbers and collaboration, but sometimes smaller or individual customers get lost in the confusion. Smaller companies generally provide a more personal touch and make up for their lack of manpower through cases of joint ventures that require more labor. In my nearly 40 years of experience, I have formed many relationships with excellent attorneys who work with me in complicated litigation that requires more than just my team. We share the fee and the cost to the customer does not increase in most cases.

When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

Of course, this answer depends on the case. However, as a general rule, the earlier, the better. I have seen many personal injury cases irreparably ruined because the client tried to handle it without an attorney and made mistakes. As part of our initial consultation, we will advise you on whether and why now is the time to hire an attorney.

What Does “Board-Certified” Or “Board Certified” Mean?

Attorneys who are board-certified have met high standards for that certification. Those include passing a written exam on the subject, the required number of trials in law courts, and a high percentage of your record within that specialty. Mike Kerensky has been board-certified continuously in personal injury law since 1988. There are good personal injury attorneys who are not board certified, but most board-certified personal injury attorneys are at the top of the list – his class.

Can You Handle Cases Outside Houston Or Texas?

Yes, we can. We handle cases throughout Texas and have handled cases across the country. In states where Mike Kerensky is not licensed, we employ the so-called “pro hac vice” intake process where we ask the court to allow Mike to practice outside of Texas for that case only. This requires the association of a local attorney to sponsor Mike on that motion who will participate in the trial as a local advisor.

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury And Wrongful Death

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by the negligence of another or by a defective dangerous product, we can help.

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Employment Law

If you have experienced workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination, or other illegal employment practices, our firm can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Business Law

Michael Kerensky is a fierce litigator when it comes to representing businesses in partnership disputes, contract disputes, fiduciary duty breaches, anti-trust issues and more.

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What They Say About Us

Mike Kerensky was a great lawyer and representative for me during my lawsuit. He handled the case well and made my family and I feel welcomed and like a priority. We met multiple times throughout the process with Mike and Erica, and they gave us accurate and transparent information, were very flexible and accommodating to our busy schedules, and did all the hard work for us. Mike provided me with the best doctors and care I needed and made sure I was treated respectfully and promptly. My family and I were well informed on every detail of the case, and if we ever had a question, Mike and Erica had given us their personal cell phone numbers and were available immediately. They helped my family and I through a difficult time and made it easier to handle and understand. If for any reason my family and I were to need a lawyer or legal assistance again, I’d come to him in a heartbeat.