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A Message from Mike Kerensky

I have been practicing law since 1981. I have seen almost every trick in the book. Experience tells me what the next right thing is for a case and gives me the confidence to execute that strategy. Dedication is a mindset. Understanding that each client deserves complete loyalty and a fighter for their cause. Together I can provide a mindful aggressive approach to get the most favorable result under the difficult circumstances.

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Four Decades Of Skill And Knowledge For My Clients

Experience has taught me that most of my clients reach out to me for help in some of the most difficult times of their lives. I know that part of my charge as their lawyer is to walk a “mile in their moccasins” to the extent possible. I know that every case has a story. The only way to learn that story is to sit with each client in the midst of their struggle and witness it first hand. Sometimes that is at their kitchen table. Sometimes that is at their corporate headquarters. Bottom line, there is no substitute for an intimate first hand understanding of how the situation that landed you in litigation has changed your life or business.

Dedication has taught me that every client needs a fearless advocate. Someone who will stand up and fight hard and smart. Someone that puts the client’s needs above even my needs to get the job done right and fairly. Dedication is part work ethic. My mentor taught me early on in my career, “Sweat beats brains, every time.” This is true. It is how I work. It is how serve my clients.

Experience has also taught me that my job as an attorney is to be completely honest at all times with my clients. I tell them what the facts are about any case with unvarnished truths. Sometimes these truths are hard to hear, but I tell them because it is one of the most important services any lawyer can provide to his clients. Honest appraisal of the risks and upside of any case for a client becomes more and more accurate with experience. After 40 years, I still don’t have a crystal ball, but my instincts are good and have served my clients well over the years.

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