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In a complex world, seasoned guidance makes all the difference. After over 40 years of advocating for the injured and the underserved in business and employment law, I stand ready to protect your interests. Count on a lawyer who will treat you like family and fight relentlessly for your cause. Experience matters – let mine work for you.

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When you’re hurt, every decision counts. I am attorney Michael Kerensky, and I have been championing the injured and the wronged for more than 40 years. You deserve a lawyer who will fight tirelessly on your behalf, but with a personal touch, treating you like family along the way. As a personal injury lawyer board certified by the State Bar of Texas, I stand ready to uphold your rights and work toward securing the compensation you deserve.

My practice is rooted in my dedication and firm belief in justice for all. I offer robust legal support across business litigation, employment law, and personal injury claims. You’ll never be just a case to me. You’re part of my community, and I am here to make a stand for you.

I Serve People Across Texas As Their Advocate And Ally In Injury, Employment And Business Law Disputes.

Empowering Your Business And Protecting You At Work

In business and employment law, experience counts. I champion the underdog, supporting minority partners and smaller firms when they’re up against large entities. My legal philosophy is clear: I take on challenges that others shy away from because fairness and justice matter to me.

I began taking on employment discrimination cases early in my career, driven by my commitment to helping those who’ve been wronged. Whether a case involves a business dispute or a workplace issue, I offer a strategic advantage with a personalized approach.

For my Spanish-speaking clients, Erica, my dedicated paralegal, ensures clear communication. Together, we will fight for your rights!

A History Of Success For My Clients

Our experience with Mike and his team was truly very good, from the beginning they made us feel confident. The communication we had was always very cordial and we could even say it was like talking to a family member. They are a team with a lot of experience, which gave us complete confidence in them. Erica, Mike’s Paralegal, was always attentive to our needs, if there was any problem, they solved it before bothering us. I recommend them without a doubt, their customer service is excellent, and they give us confidence and security. Without a doubt we would hire them again.

-Lorena T.


Mike Kerensky was a great lawyer and representative for me during my lawsuit. He handled the case well and made my family and I feel welcomed and like a priority. We met multiple times throughout the process with Mike and Erica, and they gave us accurate and transparent information, were very flexible and accommodating to our busy schedules, and did all the hard work for us. Mike provided me with the best doctors and care I needed and made sure I was treated respectfully and promptly. My family and I were well informed on every detail of the case, and if we ever had a question, Mike and Erica had given us their personal cell phone numbers and were available immediately. They helped my family and I though a difficult time and made is easier to handle and understand. If for any reason my family and I were to need a lawyer or legal assistance again, I’d come to him in a heartbeat. 

-Stacy M.

Working with Mike Kerensky was the best decision we made for our family’s business dispute. Mike took the time to understand the business dynamics and cultural sensitivities and educated us on the litigation landscape. He spent more than six years fighting for justice for our small business. His dedication is unmatched. I would certainly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a smart, experienced, and dedicated advocate in the courtroom.

-Maryam G.


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